18 hp Koher (gas) engine
Single "joystick" operation
Tilt Sensor and Alarm (set @ 4 degrees)
245 cca, 12V Battery, with weatherproof Case
Full Lower Control Station with platform control override
Emergency Lowering Control Valve
Aeroquip 663 Hydraulic Hose
Aluminum "Integral" Hydraulic Reservoir
"Integral" Fuel Tank
Dual Ignition Switches
Cumulative Hour Meter
Automatic Brake
Inadvertent Operation Protection
Emergency Stop Buttons
System Interlocks To Prevent Unintended Motion
Theft Protection
Double Top "Pinch" Rail
Weatherproof Manual Holder
Tow Package
Hydraulic Tool Circuit
Hydraulic Circular Saw Holder
Detailed "Before Operating Daily" Checklist
Lift Industry's Finest Paint Finish
Self-Leveling Platform
95% "Off-the-Shelf" Components
Mechanical Guards
Operating System Schematics
30 x 950 R15 LT Tires
Grease Fittings at All Wheel Hubs
60 mph
Highway Speed Towable
Ground Clearance
Fuel Tank Capacity
7 gal
Maximum Occupants
Maximum Width
8' 10"
Overall Length
19' 3"
300 lbs.
Platform Weight Capacity
Working Height
Powers Lifts
Polecat Product Specs

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